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Nice day last Friday so after lunch we went for a run into the country. I love the Xativa area and will probably settle there to see my days out. I love Anna in particular, a gorgeous hamlet offering the best in tranquil living.

We stopped off there for a coffee, but before doing so followed the signs at the entrance to the village for Inmobiliaria Gabinete. We were greeted there by an Englishman called Lionel Richard Westell. A dapper looking gentlemen who soon lived up to country gentlemen image.

Lionel is well established there with his wife of twenty years who originally hails from just around the corner of the office(lucky man) He did not know us nor we he, however he went straight on the explain the policy of Gabinete and some of the follies he has witnessed of the UK buyer who tries to cut corners when buying property in this lovely area.

For those who chose to be in and around Anna, with its close proximity to Xativa, its like a little England, rivers , greenery and lovely walks all around the setting of a beautiful village and great friendly villagers as yet uninfluenced by the onslaught of the colloquial, indecorously put "extranjero de forastero" or foreign strangers. Simply divine and with little VALENCIANO spoken its just that bit easier to bet by.

Mr Westell went to expound the benefits of dealing through his company which CBBA are happy to endorsee. The first thing he said was to inform us that he advised the use of a lawyer for any purchase through his company who provided that legal service, And kindly outlined some of the problems in the village of those who chose to save a "bob or two" and go it alone. The office offers a full professional estate agency services and appears to want to deliver it with that rare quality of a "genuine desire" to get it right for the buyer!

We left his office full of confidence and happy in the knowledge that here was a true estate agent, one which CBBA IS HAPPY TO RECOMMEND AND WOULD DEAL WITH.


Letter sent to us by Vaughan Hill that now has a lovely town house in the beautiful village of Quesa.

Dear Lionel and Richard

Just a short letter to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided to assist us in purchasing our home in the village of Quesa. Everything ran very smoothly and swiftly without any hiccups and from first vieving to signing in less than 3 months was a great credit to all at Gabinete.

Once again thankyou and we hope to see you soon.


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